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Samstag 07. November | 14:00 – 17:00 Uhr | ICAL
music unlimited 29 – MIR-8 (Werner Dafeldecker, Hilary Jeffery)

MIR-8 develop their music to form a panoramic landscape consisting of orchestral strings, trombone, double bass, voice and electronic diffusion. The orchestra is generated in real time using a compositional system developed by Tim Wright where specific articulation, pitch, rhythm and dynamics are assigned algorithmically to the virtual strings. Hilary Jeffery´s trombone moves in slow melodic phrases through the ever shifting structures. Repetitive patterns of double bass and pulsating waveforms by Werner Dafeldecker transform psychoacoustic perception. Vocal samples appear within this setting, evoking disembodied internal dialogues. An intriguing imagination of zero gravity states.

Info und Reservierung: info@musicunlimited.at, www.waschaecht.at/music_unlimited
Ort: Medien Kultur Haus, Pollheimerstraße 17, 4600 Wels


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